Strengths of the solution and its competitive advantage

Application fields

Use in hostile/critical environments
The solutions commercially available are not developed, tested and certified to operate in critical environment (e.g. ionizing radiation)
Leak-tight sealing capability in a wide range of pressure from UHV to HP
This feature requires the use ad-hoc design methods and sealing solutions, already developed within the Unical-CERN research project.
Dismountable and re-mountable couplers
Thermomechanical training methods, aimed at obtain removable and reusable coupling systems, have been developed. Conversely, the competitors provide permanent and/or non-reusable joints, i.e. weld-like solutions.
Large diameter pipe joints (over 150 mm)
Methods able to overcome the technological limitations related to the production processes and to the thermo-mechanical treatments used for small/medium diameter rings (up to 100 mm) have been developed.
Thermal stability range
The outcome of the research carried out within the Unical-CERN project included experimental methods able to widen the range of thermal stability of SMAs, by performing ad-hoc thermo-mechanical training processes
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