Novel Smart Solutions for Pipe Coupling

SMA-based SMArt Engineering Solutions and Technologies

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Leak tight coupling in critical/harsh environments for a wide range of pressure


Exploit the unique shape and force recovery capabilities of Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs)


Novel pipe coupling systems based on SMAs with remote activation capabilities

Standard coupling systems

Shape memory alloy couplers

From the idea to a first implementation

A first application @ CERN

Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) coupling for high demanding radioactive areas in particle accelerators (LHC @ CERN )

Technology readiness level

TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment

Advantages over standard coupling solutions


Small and lightweight alternative to standard coupling systems


Wide range of pressure, from ultra high vacuum (UHV) to High Pressure (HP) applications

Remote operations

Thermal mounting and dismounting can be operated remotely by temperature changes

Critical environments

Use in critical/harsh environments  with limited or no human access

Bi-material connection

Dismountable and/or permanent (weld-like) junctions

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